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Festival Ticket Rules & Regulations

  • Please note that changes or cancellations cannot be made after application of purchase.
  • Be sure to purchase tickets from an authorized outlet.
  • Tickets purchased via unauthorized ticket outlets will be deemed invalid and the festival will not be responsible for any trouble arising from the purchase of such tickets nor will such tickets be refunded by the festival under any circumstances.
  • Tickets will be exchanged with wrist bands at the Festival site. You cannot enter the site with only a ticket. (Those who receive wristbands in advance may directly enter the festival.)
  • Tickets and wristbands will not be reissued under any circumstances.
  • Those who remove or lose their wristband while in the festival will be asked to exit the festival or repurchase a ticket.
  • Ticket sales will finish once tickets are sold out. This applies to all ticket types.
  • Purchased tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Please be sure to read and fully understand all festival information and guidelines before purchasing your tickets.
  • FRF'24 Official website:https://en.fujirockfestival.com


Fuji Rock Festival Rules & Regulations

◆The Festival withholds the right to make changes to the Rules & Regulations of the Festival at any time with or without notification if deemed necessary for the safe and orderly operation of the festival. Please note tickets will not be refunded for the reason of any changes made.

◆The Festival will be held in the event of inclement weather (excluding natural disaster). Please also note that tickets will not be refunded in the case of any cancellation or change in artist line up.

◆The Festival is held in a rich natural environment. Please be sure to be fully aware of natural dangers including but not limited to risk of falling, hypothermia caused by wind and or rain, injury caused by wild animals, poisonous vegetation, or insects such as bees or flies, etc.

◆Please refrain from excessive alcohol consumption. Overly intoxicated persons may be removed forcibly from the festival.

◆Moshing, stage diving or any other actions or behavior which may cause harm or injury to other audience members is strictly prohibited. The Festival will not be held responsible in any way in the event any harm or injury is caused to another member of the festival audience due to these types of actions. Any claims must be resolved between the parties themselves.

◆In the event a person is found to have entered the Festival illegally, the person will be handed over to the local police department and sued for damages.

◆Please strictly refrain from causing any trouble for residents in the area around the festival.

◆Niigata Prefecture laws dictate those under the age of 18 are required to return to their lodging by 11:00pm.

◆The final performance of each day of the festival finishes after the last train departing Echigoyuzawa Station. Please note there is no other public transportation available after the last performance of each day of the festival.

◆Be sure to secure transportation to and from the festival yourself prior to coming to the festival. (Sleeping outdoors in or any near the venue or Echigoyuzawa Station is prohibited. Please also refrain from traveling to the festival by car without securing a parking pass in advance.) Please also note the number of parking passes and lodging facilities available at the festival are limited.

◆Those found in possession of restricted items within the festival will be asked to remove them from festival grounds.

◆The Festival organizers, venue, or performing artists are not responsible for any accidents or thefts in or outside of the festival.

◆Those who refuse to follow the instructions of festival staff, or cause harm or injury to other members of the festival audience will be forcibly removed from the festival. In the case the Organizing Committee deems a person to have repeatedly done so or has malicious intent, the festival withholds the right to ban that person or persons from entering the festival in future years regardless of whether the individual(s) purchases a ticket. Tickets will not be refunded in this case under any circumstances.

◆Cameras and or video cameras are permitted within the festival but recording of artist performances is strictly prohibited. Sound recording equipment is prohibited in all areas of the festival. Use of selfie sticks is prohibited in front of stages, during congested times and while moving within the festival.

◆Please be sure to read and understand all rules and regulations prior to purchasing tickets. Purchase of ticket is deemed agreement to all rules and regulations & terms and conditions of the festival.

◆All personal information provided upon purchase of festival tickets will be held securely by the festival organizer.